Unsafe Space Garden

The USG called the fabulous Starry Egg collective to their intergalactic headquarters and presented them with a request that was, to say the least, suis-generis: "Humanity needs a hybrid between sitcom, live-session, concert, music video and animation. Are you in?". 

An introductory jingle reminiscent of series such as "Family Doctor" or "Friends" was added to a talk-show-style presentation by idiosyncratic vocalist Alexandra Saldanha; bloopers and off-script image reveries were mixed, manipulated screen-recordings from a GPS trip were added, titles were illustrated, parts were animated and the result was even placed in the world of the pages of the comic book that accompanies the album: UFA! All this while performing new, explosive and millimetric performances of the songs "ISN'T THIS IDEAL?", "GROWN-UPS!" and "DONDE ESTA EL SUELO?", all from the album "WHERE'S THE GROUND?".

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